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Distance learning can be highly beneficial to a large variety of people. Like any kind of educational program and delivery method, distance learning comes with advantages and challenges, and it is always important that a student carefully considers these in order to be sure they will be getting an education program that meets personal needs, strengths, career goals and maybe corporate objectives. Learn why PM4DEV online courses make a good choice.PM4DEV Distance Learning

pdf eCourse - Adaptive Project Management Popular


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eCourse - Adaptive Project Management

In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to initiate, plan, implement, adapt and close a project that meets the objectives and satisfies stakeholders. The online course will introduce the elements of the project management lifecycle.  You will learn the techniques for the efficient management of a project using a phased approach. You will learn the concepts and techniques necessary for project management success.

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eCourse - Effective Project Management

This is an advanced level course that will give you the skills to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget while satisfying the needs of stakeholders. The course is three weeks long and is based on the third edition of the textbook Effective Project Management.  You will need an average of one hour per day to complete the required activities such as lectures, forum participation and case study exercises.

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eCourse - Fundamentals of Project Management

This course is a comprehensive introduction to development project management. Designed for people who want to build or increase their skills in project management and who work or are looking to work with international development organizations, donor and public institutions, NGOs, non-profit and community based organizations, Government and donor agencies, and anyone interested in a career in development project management.

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eCourse - Project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

This course presents the principles of Project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DM&E) Cycle.  DM&E is a critical element of development projects as it provides the information needed to make decisions for project management, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the interventions and satisfy accountability requirements.

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Online Learning Environment

In the online courses the instructor provides materials, lectures, tests, and assignments that can be accessed at any time. Students are given a timeframe – usually a one week window – during which they need to connect at least once or twice. But overall, students are free to contribute whenever they choose during the timeframe or duration of the course. Read more on PM4DEV's online learning environment and course features

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