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PM4DEV Resources for free download. These inlcude articles, ebooks,services and description of our online courses.


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pm4dev - articles

PM4DEV articles are a source of continuing education for project managers and other project management professionals. Feel free to browse our selection and download any  topic you're interested. Whether you're new or seasoned project manager, we are sure you will  find project management articles of interest here

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pm4dev - ebooks

PM4DEV E-books. These are free resources that contain practical advice and insight on the practice of modern project management in the development field. These e-books present the best current thinking and span the entire range of contemporary business practice. Each e-book gives you the key concepts behind the subject and the techniques to implement the ideas effectively.


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pm4dev - elearning

Online courses, download the course brochures and information about our learning methodology.

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pm4dev - journals

PM4DEV Connect Journal is our quarterly distributed publication about project management that has generated a great interest to our subscribers. Our Journals are delivered electronically via email  to all of our subscriber worldwide. Please feel free to browse our archive for previous editions and you can download any of our Journals using the link at the bottom of each issue.

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pm4dev - services

PM4DEV services range from planing to assessments, all designed to improve the way in which projects are managed and results are delivered,. Our project management consulting, training and coaching services provide you with the appropriate processes, tools, and a flexible methodology so you can improve your project success rates with a focus on quality and reliability.

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pm4dev - templates

Project Management templates with examples on how to use them. These are some of the most common templates that are used by project managers to organize and manage project information.

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pm4dev - training

PM4DEV onsite training courses and workshops designed to develop the skills, knowledge and practice needed to build the competence required to manage projects successfully. Training programs are customized for project teams or large groups.


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pdf PM4DEV Project Team Management Popular

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PM4DEV Project Team Management

Team management deals with the processes of developing and tracking team member performance, providing feedback, resolving issues, and managing team changes to optimize project performance. The key benefit of this process is that it influences team behavior, manages conflict, resolves issues, and appraises team member performance.

pdf Project Risk Management Popular

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Project Risk Management

Risk management deals with the processes to identify, analyze and respond to risk throughout the project life cycle, with the goal to ensure the project will be able to reach its objectives. Risk management also helps the project by determining the right scope, making realistic schedules and better cost estimates that take in account provisions to respond to risk events.

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