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Student Feedback - Course Effective Project Management


"A very practical and informative course for anyone working in the project management field. It provides a good foundation of EPM principles which you can actively implement in the field."

Henrika Wagner, Kenya

"A very unique course where topics learned generate scenarios and simulations that definitely puts you in a real life situation that empowers your analytical and process-thinking mind of how fit are you as a project manager in today's complexities and demands."

David Teaabo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs  Immigration. Kiribati

"Excellent course."

Abdullahi Farah, Save the Children International, Somalia

"It was a great experience, I didn’t thought I would learn this much! I will use a lot of the information and methodologies in my organization, and suggest a lot of adjustments since management can improve our projects execution substantially. The course totally fulfilled my expectations! And you learn not only from the materials and the tutor, but from all the participants, there is a lot of experience shared that would be very useful for each other."

Karina Antezana, Bolivia

"I gained  from this course   project management  practical skills and knowledge which I do believe  that it may invest in my both current and future project."

Liban  Muse Said, Save the Children. Somalia

"The learning materials in this course were well designed and easy to follow. I mostly enjoyed this e-course because we received constant guidance and lot of practical hints on valuable management tools. The schedule keeps you quite busy but it's anyhow feasible to respect the deadlines and to complete the course within the three weeks."

Stefania Rigillo, Malaria Consortium. Italy

"Looking forward to other courses that PM4DEV has to offer."

Delores Thomas, Barbados

"This was my first online course and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I learned so much from the textbook and from the thoughtful insight of my classmates. Active participation was encouraged and resulted in some very interesting discussions. I would highly recommend this course and look forward to putting my new knowledge and insight to use!"

Madeline  Stark, USA

"Excellent course! I advise every development professional who is interested to improve her/his skills to take the course Effective Project Management for Development. Special thanks to Rodolfo, a very motivating teacher, who will keep you engaged till the end."

Joke Sijbesma, Netherlands

"This is the most practical and realistic Project Management Course I have come across.  The assignments and discussions helped demystify key project documents and process and really build student confidence. I'm not only enlightened, but I now feel confident enough to take on project management responsibilities.  I intend to take two more courses to upgrade my certification."

Willie Ngumi, GSM, Kenya

"Project Management was like rocket science to me before I studied this course. Having served in diverse projects as a subject matter expert, my experiences have always been fraught with lots of questions, than answers as to what it takes to manage a successful project. This course has opened all the dark and blind spots in project management which was more or less a mirage to me. Suffice it to say that, I now clearly understand what project management is all about from initiation to completion. I am confident I will be an asset in my upcoming assignment in Botswana. Moreover, the course methodology was quite inclusive and flexible, creating a conducive platform for learning and sharing, notably in the discussion forum. 

Its international representation is quite impressive as it brings together a pool of professionals who share diverse experiences from different project environments across the globe. Besides, the course instructor was quite exceptional with respect to the measure of help and support we received throughout the course. The overall experience was exceptionally enriching and worth the time. This course is an unequal match with its monetary value in terms of the wealth of knowledge one gets out of it."

Raphael Ebot Ayuk, WUSC. Canada

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Modern project management has been proven to be the most effective method of delivering results within cost, schedule, and resource constraints. In this course, you will learn the management processes required to deliver consistent results in a development project. While development projects are similar in some ways to other types of projects, they pose unique challenges for the managers and organizations that undertake them.

This course will give you a complete understanding of the most common processes, tools, techniques, and best practices that are necessary to manage development projects. This course will teach you the process management skills required to balance the project constraints. You will gain a strong working knowledge of the nine processes of project management and be able to immediately use that knowledge to successfully improve your management competency. 

This online course promotes and facilitates a collaborative learning approach. Students will participate in discussions as part of the assignments and receive feedback from the course instructor. The instructor provides materials, lectures, tests, and assignments that can be accessed at any time. Students "learn by doing" through the class exercises while lecture points are reinforced with class discussions and videos and "hands-on" integrated exercises, which lead students through the project management processes. Students are given a timeframe during which they need to complete the assigned activities, participate in discussion forums, and submit their exercises to receive a grade. The course is based on the third edition of the textbook Effective Project Management; participants will receive an electronic copy of this book at no extra cost. 

About this Course

This is an advanced level course that will give you the skills to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget while satisfying the needs of stakeholders. The course is three weeks long and is based on the third edition of the textbook Effective Project Management.  You will need an average of one hour per day to complete the required activities such as lectures, forum participation, and case study exercises. Participants will use a case study to practice some of the tools and methods, will participate in engaging online conversations, and will learn from the experience of development professionals from around the world. During the course, you will receive constant guidance from the instructor.  


This course is designed for those who want to increase their development project management skills, including seasoned professionals wishing to upgrade their knowledge. This is an ideal course for team members, managers of project managers, and students of project management who want to learn the modern practices of project management. If you are a project manager, this course will give you an opportunity to explore new techniques and learn best practices from the latest research on project management. Participants to our courses come from various parts of the world, and they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that is shared in the course forums. 


Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to: Understand the nine process areas of project management.  Use a step-by-step process to manage projects. Apply best practices to plan a project using a proven four-step process. Understand the key activities that must be managed to ensure project success. You will learn techniques for completing projects on time, within the estimated budget, and delivering promised results.  You will understand the characteristics of a project and its process deliverables and obtain a solid knowledge of process management.


There are no requirements to take this course, although the students will benefit if they know the type of work that occurs in development organizations and development projects, or had some experience working on a project. Students should have a good internet connection, Adobe Reader in their computers as well as MS Office to work on the course assignments. Good connectivity is required to watch some of the online videos. As a convenience to our remote students, you can download most of the course material to read offline. A copy of the textbook will be available in pdf format.


The course fee is USD$175 and is due before the start of the course; you can receive a 20% discount if payment is made one week before the course starts. On the registration page, you can choose your preferred payment methods. We accept all major credit cards in a secure online payment system. We also accept payments via Western Union or Money Gram. If you have any questions or require more instructions to send your payment, please contact us via email at info@pm4dev Reference: eCourse EPM. For group discounts, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Course Content: 

Lesson  1  Introduction
Development Project Management
Definition of Project Management
Project Management Constraints
Development Project Management Challenges
Project Management Processes
Lesson 6 Team Management
Team Management Process
Team Identification
Team Building
Team Performance
Team Improvement
Lesson 2  Scope Management
Scope Management Process
Defining Project Scope
Assigning Scope of Work
Verifying the Work
Adapting the Scope
Lesson 7 Stakeholder Management
Stakeholder Management Process
Stakeholder Analysis
Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Management Evaluation
Stakeholder Management Improvement
Lesson 3  Schedule  Management
Schedule Management Process
Defining the Schedule
Publish the Schedule
Monitor the Schedule
Update the Schedule
Lesson 8  Information Management
Information Management Process
Information Planning
Management of Information Processes
Information Management Checks and Controls
Information Management Improvements
Lesson 4  Budget  Management
Budget Management Process
Estimating the Budget
Executing the Budget
Budget Control
Budget Updates
Lesson 9  Risk Management
Risk Management Process
Risk Planning
Risk Monitoring
Risk Response
Risk Management Improvement
Lesson 5 Quality  Management
Quality Management Process
Quality Standards
Quality Assurance
Quality Control
Quality Improvement
Lesson 10  Contract  Management
Contract Management Process
Contract Planning
Contract Administration
Contract Monitoring
Contract Modifications
This course is based on the textbook Effective Project Management for Development, 2nd Edition. All registered students will have access to this textbook at no extra cost and will be used to guide the learning activities and exercises during the three weeks of the course.

Course Information

  • Schedule. See the course schedule to select a date.
  • Fees. The course fee is USD$175 and is due before the start of the course; you can receive a 20% discount if payment is made one week before the start of the course. Use the code 20EPM.
  • Group discounts: For groups or organizations that want to register for 3 or more students we offer a 30% discount. Use the code 30EPM.
  • Course limit: The course is limited to 20 students per class.
  • Duration. The course is three weeks long and requires between 30-40 hours to complete it.
  • Materials. Course materials are available for download from the online course module page to allow for printing and review. 
  • Evaluation. It is required that participants complete the course evaluation after they take the final exam.
  • Credits. This course provides 35 PDUs (Professional Development Units)* or 35 contact hours.

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Course Certificate
All students that successfully complete the course will receive a completion certificate. The certificate is a demonstration that you have learned the core principles of Effective Project Management; it is a valuable credential for your professional growth. Upon receiving your certificate, you will join a growing number of people who are building their competencies to increase their skills and knowledge to improve the quality of the projects they manage. The certificate is delivered worldwide via First Class Airmail. This course is part of the CDPM® certification program
Student Feeback
“A really great basis for project management! A few staff from my organization took this course together and it has already provided a strong basis for us to improve upon. I am excited to use what we learned here to help our organization manage future programs! “ Kristen Pyke, International Justice Mission - United States.

“Humanitarians are called to more and better... this course provides a clear answer about how to do it, how to be more active, effective, efficient, accurate and accountable.” Gonzalo Martinez, International Committee of the Red Cross – Switzerland

“Since starting my course in project management,  it has been an exceptional experience
. I always learn new skills. This is part of my personal professional development. My current role requires skills in project management, and the PM4Dev offers an excellent, easy to learn platform. My next goal is getting my certification in development project management.  “  Roger Kabuya, London Intercommunity Health Center – Canada

“This is a super practical course - very hands-on. I appreciated it a lot to have the opportunity of studying EPM at PM4DEV. I will start working as Director of a Cultural Centre next year and especially in the planning phase of the management processes
it will be very useful for me to use the provided and discussed tools. I would even appreciate if participants of pm4dev courses could continue discussing and maybe also profit from Coaching until the next course starts, thanks a lot!”  Konstanze Kampfer, Goethecenter, CCMA Maputo - Mozambique

*In 2013, PM4DEV became a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®.to issue professional development units (PDU's) for its project management training courses. Our instructors are experienced trainers and project managers who are PMP® certified. Our comprehensive courses in project management theory, fundamentals, principles, and practices are designed around industry best practices and based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®Guide). We are confident in our ability to provide comprehensive, practical courses that will enable you to further your project management education.

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