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news-04Effective Project Management

An advanced level course that will give you the skills to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget while satisfying the needs of stakeholders. You will learn the key management processes required to deliver consistent results in a development project. Read more...

news-05Fundamentals of Project Management

This course is a comprehensive introduction to development project management. Designed for people who want to build or increase their skills in project management and who work or are looking to work with international development organizations. Read more...


Project Design Monitoring and Evaluation

This is an introductory level course on the fundamentals of the DM&E Cycle with practical applications of concepts and methods. This course will give you an understanding of the most common processes, tools and techniques needed to monitor and evaluate a project. Read more...


news-02Adaptive Project Management

This course presents the project management lifecycle of initiating, planning, implementing, monitoring, adapting and closing a projecct successfully. This course will teach you all the concepts, methods and best practices to help you become a better project manager. Read more...

Development projects need to deal with increasing amounts of information that require better tools to help navigate through all the data produced. We work with your team to develop the system architecture that will help you get the information you need to make the right decision at the right time.

Our workshops cover principles, tools, and techniques to help your project teams become more effective. All workshops are designed to facilitate the analysis, discovery and adoption of solutions to your own specific project management problems.

Training programs are customized for project teams or large groups with a variety of learning solutions to organizations and individuals. Working with your organization as a team, we teach you the tools and methods needed to attain successful project completion.

To deliver impact, a project team has to do much more than just "work harder", it has to increase the way it solves new problems by rapidly introducing new management processes and technologies; learn new skills and tasks quickly; and increase efficiency to continuously reduce operating costs.

Drawing from our deep understanding of the challenges and the needs for realistic solutions that can improve the way in which projects are managed and results are delivered. PM4DEV is an organization dedicated to increase the skills and capabilities of invididulas and organizations in projetc management. 


Our services are:


Project Management Consulting
We help evaluate your project management practices in comparison to our maturity model and identify risks before they become a liability to your organization by defining a project methodology to fit your organization and a road map that will assist in the implementation of new practices and development of new competencies. Read more...




Project Management Training
Our training courses on all subjects of project management are designed to build the required skills and to increase the competencies of project managers. Designed based on the sector’s needs our training program involves a blended learning approach that focuses on action learning.  Each course provides participants with hand on exercises and opportunities to put into practice their skills.   Read more...




Project Management  Workshops
Learning by doing is our approach to help project staff and project managers build the required competencies. We customize our workshops and training sessions to fit your needs  and to generate immediate results in project performance. All our workshops participants receive a book, handouts, and a copy of our e-learning materials on a CD.  Read more...




Project Management Information Systems
We can help to develop customized project management information systems that will put critical information at your fingertips and allow the monitoring and control of key project activities to ensure that your projects are delivered on time and within budget. Our services will take you from the analysis of requirements to the actual deployment of the system. Read more...


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